Ulster A: Who Did What in the Celtic Cup?

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Ulster A completed their Celtic Cup campaign on Sunday afternoon with a 31 – 10 loss to the “Invincible” Leinster A side at Energia Park, Donnybrook in the Celtic Cup Final.

It was some campaign from the Leinster side, who recorded a bonus point win in every match, and their complete dominance of this tournament points towards continuing success for the D4 outfit for years to come.

Ulster A were the next best side with five wins from seven in the round robin league and five from 8 overall, including their final defeat against Leinster.

The overall stats for the top two sides are worth comparison, almost half of Ulster’s tries against conceded against Leinster who put 13 past Ulster in their two meetings.

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That first meeting against Leinster, four matches in, saw Ulster conceded nine tries and score four. The defeat seemed to knock Ulster off their stride and . . .

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