Ulster Women lost 5 – 24 to Leinster Women in the second round of the Women’s Interprovincials but the Ulster team made Leinster work hard for their bonus point.

It was a much improved performance from Ulster at City of Armagh Rugby Club on Saturday evening, the scoreline flattering Leinster who made the most of Ulster mistakes and definitely got the rub of the green with the officials.

I may be slightly biased about the officials as the scoring started with one of my pet peeves which I still regard as a non score and certainly against the spirit of the game.

Leinster besieged the Ulster line in the opening minutes but the Ulster defence held firm until the quick thinking of Molly Scuffil McCabe saw her brush the ball against the base of the large post pads probably a good foot from the line as she ran past. No lines crossed but seven points gained as Larissa Muldoon knocked over the conversion.

Jones and Kennedy crash over for the “FRU Official” opening score of the game. :)

Ulster kept it fairly simple and played it back up the park with Neve Jones, Beth Cregan and Lauren Maginnes to the fore. Ilse Van Staden and Stacy lea Kennedy punched a few holes and after a period of sustained pressure Jones and Kennedy drove over for Jones to touch down for the first proper try of the afternoon. Unfortunately Vicky Irwin hit the posts with the conversion leaving Ulster trailing 5 – 7 after 25 minutes.

Ulster’s dominance up front deserved more, Irwin tormented their defence and Jones harassed their attack but Leinster were next to score, Katie O’Dwyer crossing out wide as Leinster thrived on Ulster mistakes. The try went unconverted leaving the score a 5 -12 in leinster’s favour as the teams turned round.

I covered the end Leinster were attacking in the second half but there wasn’t much action, the bulk of the play taking place in the Leinster half. Every crucial decision seemed to go the D4 way but, to their credit, the girls in blue were more clinical in attack and did score twice more in their infrequent excursions into the Ulster half.

Van Staden takes on the Leinster defence.

Hannah O’Connor went over off the back of a maul about 15 minutes into the second half and Megan Williams sneaked in in the corner after good work from Lindsay Peat towards the end. Muldoon converted to give a somewhat flattering scoreline of Ulster 5 Leinster 24 at the final whistle.


Ella Durkan (Malone) 15 Grace Miller (Old Belvedere)
Fiona Tuite (Old Belvedere) 14 Anna Doyle (Tullow) *
Kelly McCormill (Cooke) 13 Elise O’Byrne White (Old Belvedere)
Maeve Liston (Cooke) 12 Sene Naoupu (Old Belvedere)
Diane Ramsey (Queens) 11 Meabh O’Brien (Suttonians)
Vicky Irwin (Cooke) 10 Larissa Muldoon (Railway Union)
Kathryn Dane (Old Belvedere) 9 Molly Scuffil McCabe (Railway Union)
Megan Brodie (Harlequins) 1 Christy Haney (Blackrock College)
Stacey Lea Kennedy (CoD) 2 Lisa Callan (Railway Union)
Ilse Van Staden (Cooke) 3 Katie O’Dwyer (Railway Union)
Hannah Beattie (Cooke) 4 Judy Bobbett (Blackrock College) *
Keelin Brady (Barnhall) 5 Daisy Earle (Railway Union)
Beth Cregan (Cooke) 6 Jeamie Deacon (Blackrock College)
Neve Jones (Malone) 7 Rachel Horan (CYM)
Lauren Maginnes (Malone) 8 Niamh Ní Dhroma (Old Belvedere)
Aishling O’Connell (Cooke) 16 Jennie Finlay (Old Belvedere)
Shannon Heapes (Cooke) 17 Lindsay Peat (Railway Union)
Chloe McIlwaine (Malone) 18 Linda Djougang (Old Belvedere)
Katie Hetherington (Cooke) 19 Hannah O’Connor (Blackrock College)
Storm Cobain (Waterloo) 20 Alison Coleman (Blackrock College)
Peita McAlister (Malone) 21 Ailsa Hughes (Railway Union)
Jemma Jackson (Old Belvedere) 22 Megan Williams (Old Belvedere)
Lucinda Kinghan (Ireland 7s) 23 Michelle Claffey (Blackrock College)


The FRU Inside Line, Scorecard and a huge amount of pictures below.