Women AIL: Cooke 19 Malone 10

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Cooke battled to a 19 – 10 win against Malone in the final round of the Women’s All Ireland League before it is split into two separate leagues in the New Year. Unfortunately, both teams will be competing with the also rans in the bottom six with the top four sides someway ahead of the rest of the field in this season’s cobbled together AIL.

There was plenty of grit and determination on show from both sides in this game but it was a poor game overall with play lurching from set piece to penalty with very little continuity in between.

Ilse van Staden claims the opening try as Cooke come out on top in the Women’s AIL derby against Malone at Shaws Bridge on Saturday

Cooke got onto the scoreboard first with Ilse van Staden battling over . . .

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