Club Women. All Ireland League – Who Did What?

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UL Bohemian finished the regular season at the top of the league and then picked up the AI Cup. Will they compete the double?

The much maligned Women’s All Ireland League finished it’s regular season on Saturday 23rd March with UL Bohemian, Old Belvedere, Railway Union and Blackrock going forward to the league playoffs to see who will be crowned Champions of Ireland for 2019.

The semi finals will take place on Saturday 13th April as follows

Old BelvedereRailway Union
UL BohemianBlackrock

These matches are repeats of the highly entertaining All Ireland Cup and All Ireland Plate finals that took place at Ashbourne on Saturday 30th March. The finals also featured an equally entertaining match between Cooke and Tralee in the All Ireland Shield.

With John Crothers, and to a lesser extent, Bob Given covering the bulk of our Women’s AIL matches this season, together with Beth Cregan tracking all the results every match weekend, it meant that I hadn’t viewed or followed as much Women’s AIL Rugby as I have on previous seasons,

However, the three matches on Saturday gave me a chance to calibrate against previous seasons and I must say I was impressed with the standard of rugby on view and the inclusion of so many young players in all the squads. It’s been a tremendous achievement by all the clubs, given that the IRFU Women’s program has drained more of the clubs’ resources and delivered less, in terms of international results, than ever before.

It was particularly disappointing that the Ireland Women’s program management team choose to blame the standard of rugby in the AIL as the reason behind their failings. However having viewed all the games on Saturday, alongside those others that I viewed during the season I have to say that the implication, that the AIL is not producing enough good players to perform at international level, is ill informed.

The Ireland Women’s program management team should look closer to home for their failings rather than blame the club players in Ireland.

We have already announced our prizewinners for the three categories that we, or should I say Beth, tracked throughout the season:




Now that we have double and triple checked all our data we are happy to make available all Beth’s data on all the players who scored, or were nominated by the opposing team, throughout the season. For quick reference we’ve also summarised all stats by team at the bottom of this article.


EMMA TAYLOR (Railway Union)

There were 42 games scheduled, however due to non fields only 40 matches were completed. With two player nominations per match completed this means that there were 80 nominations in total.

Blackrock, Cooke and Old Belvedere received 12 player nominations each while Galwegians, Railway Union, St Mary’s College and UL Bohemian each received 11 player nominations.

A total of 48 individual players were nominated.

Huge congratulations to all the players that were nominated throughout the season.

Emma TaylorRailway Union5
Jet DuinmeijerSt Mary’s4
Beth CreganCooke3
Edel McMahonGalwegians3
Jemma JacksonOld Belvedere3
Nora StapletonOld Belvedere3
Ali ColemanBlackrock2
Aoife MooreSt Mary’s2
Ciara ScanlanSt Mary’s2
Claire BennettUL Bohemian2
Claire KeohanRailway Union2
Denise RedmondGalwegians2
Ellen TaiteBlackrock2
Enya BreenUL Bohemian2
Fiona HayesUL Bohemian2
Fiona ScallyGalwegians2
Hannah O’ConnorBlackrock2
Ilse Van StadenCooke2
Kelly McCormillCooke2
Linda DjougangOld Belvedere2
Maeve ListonCooke2
Niamh GriffinBlackrock2
Vicky IrwinCooke2
Alanagh O’CarrollSt Mary’s1
Ali MillarOld Belvedere1
Amilie RouxGalwegians1
Clodagh O’HalloranUL Bohemian1
Emma HobanSt Mary’s1
Gemma MatthewsOld Belvedere1
Grace KellyBlackrock1
Grace MillerOld Belvedere1
Hannah KilgoreCooke1
Juliet ShortRailway Union1
Katie O’DwyerRailway Union1
Larissa MuldoonRailway Union1
Lisa AnglimGalwegians1
Maeve Óg O’LearyBlackrock1
Mary HealyGalwegians1
Meg KendalRailway Union1
Michelle ClaffeyBlackrock1
Naimh BriggsUL Bohemian1
Nichole CorninUL Bohemian1
Oonagh HayesOld Belvedere1
Sarah QuinnUL Bohemian1
Shayne RichardsonSt Mary’s1
Stephanie NunanUL Bohemian1
Tess MeadeBlackrock1
Ursula SammonGalwegians1



There were a total of 1,644 points awarded to the teams. 72 of these points were awarded for unfulfilled fixtures. This leaves a total of 1,572 points scored throughout the season, an average of just over 39 points per match played.

The breakdown of the points scored is as follows.


There were 114 individual scorers, including one penalty try. All the individual scorers are listed below.

Niamh BriggsUL Bohemian525590
Denise RedmondGalwegians815482
Hannah O’ConnorBlackrock215658
Jemma JacksonOld Belvedere114445
Emma TaylorRailway Union70035
Ali ColemanBlackrock60030
Chloe PearseUL Bohemian60030
Elise O’Byrne WhiteOld Belvedere60030
Ilse Van StadenCooke60030
Linda DjougangOld Belvedere60030
Katelyn FaustRailway Union37029
Claire KeohanRailway Union27127
Vicky IrwinCooke010226
Gemma MatthewsOld Belvedere50025
Michelle ClaffeyBlackrock50025
Niamh ByrneRailway Union50025
Ray LawlessBlackrock50025
Susan VaughanRailway Union50025
Ailbhe DowlingOld Belvedere25020
Eliza DowneyCooke40020
Eimear ConsidineUL Bohemian40020
Fiona HayesUL Bohemian40020
Fiona TuiteOld Belvedere40020
Meadbh ScallyBlackrock40020
Megan WilliamsOld Belvedere40020
Nikki CaugheyRailway Union07220
Roise NewtonUL Bohemian40020
Roisin CroweBlackrock40020
Stephanie NunanUL Bohemian40020
Jackie ShieldsBlackrock17019
Ina ButlerGalwegians31017
Jet DuinmeijerSt Marys04317
Elizabeth McKeeverGalwegians30015
Emma DoyleGalwegians30015
Fiona ScallyGalwegians30015
Hannah KilgoreCooke30015
Juliet ShortRailway Union30015
Kelly McCormillCooke30015
Larissa MuldoonRailway Union30015
Orla DixonGalwegians30015
Sarah QuinnUL Bohemian30015
Ursula SammonGalwegians30015
Edel MurphyUL Bohemian20113
Ellen TaiteBlackrock21012
Ailsa HughesRailway Union20010
Ann-Marie RooneyBlackrock20010
Aura SheehanUL Bohemian20010
Beth CreganCooke20010
Caoimhe MolloyBlackrock20010
Ciara GriffinUL Bohemian20010
Ciara ScanlanSt Marys20010
Claire BennettUL Bohemian20010
Clodagh O’HalloranUL Bohemian20010
Daisy EarleRailway Union20010
Lauren PedlowCooke20010
Maeve Óg O’LearyBlackrock20010
Meg KendellRailway Union20010
Naomi McCullaghCooke20010
Nicole CroninUL Bohemian20010
Nora StapletonOld Belvedere20010
Rachael Allen-ConnellyUL Bohemian20010
Stephanie CarrollRailway Union20010
Vanessa HullonOld Belvedere20010
Victoria Dabanovich O’MahoneyOld Belvedere20010
Nicole FowleyGalwegians1209
Penalty TryBlackrock1107
Aimee ClarkeRailway Union1005
Alice O’DowdOld Belvedere1005
Amber RedmondOld Belvedere1005
Amy CottersBlackrock1005
Aoife McDermottRailway Union1005
Aoife O’ShaugnasheyRailway Union1005
Chloe BlackmoreRailway Union1005
Claire BolesRailway Union1005
Claire JohnstonCooke1005
Claire McLaughlinOld Belvedere1005
Edel McMahonGalwegians1005
Edel MurrayGalwegians1005
Eimear CorriBlackrock1005
Emer O’MahoneyRailway Union1005
Emma LackySt Marys1005
Emma MurphyRailway Union1005
Enya BreenUL Bohemian1005
Fiona ReedyUL Bohemian1005
Garazi GoikoleaRailway Union1005
Grace KellyBlackrock1005
Grace MillerOld Belvedere1005
Hannah HeskinSt Marys1005
Heather CarySt Marys1005
Kate KeaneyCooke1005
Katie O’DwyerRailway Union1005
Laura CairnsCooke1005
Laura DelaneyBlackrock1005
Laura FeelyGalwegians1005
Lisa AnglimGalwegians1005
Lisa CallenRailway Union1005
Meadhbh O’CallaghanBlackrock1005
Meagan ParkinsonSt Marys1005
Meaghan KennyRailway Union1005
Meave ListonCooke1005
Melissa SlevinRailway Union1005
Molly Scuffil McCabeRailway Union1005
Niamh GriffinBlackrock1005
Niamh KavanaghUL Bohemian1005
Niamh Ni DhromaOld Belvedere1005
Peita McAlisterCooke1005
Racheal O’BrienUL Bohemian1005
Rachel HealyOld Belvedere1005
Sene NaoupuOld Belvedere1005
Shannon HeapesCooke1005
Shannon TuohyGalwegians1005
Sinead TaylorRailway Union1005
SJ FoxGalwegians1005
Aine StauntonUL Bohemian0204
Shanye RichardsonSt Marys0102
Total248124 28 1572



Only five players drop out of the scorers table when we look only at the tries scored. This leaves 109 individual try scorers and they are all listed below.

Denise RedmondGalwegians8
Emma TaylorRailway Union7
Ali ColemanBlackrock6
Chloe PearseUL Bohemian6
Elise O’Byrne WhiteOld Belvedere6
Ilse Van StadenCooke6
Linda DjougangOld Belvedere6
Gemma MatthewsOld Belvedere5
Michelle ClaffeyBlackrock5
Niamh BriggsUL Bohemian5
Niamh ByrneRailway Union5
Ray LawlessBlackrock5
Susan VaughanRailway Union5
Eliza DowneyCooke4
Eimear ConsidineUL Bohemian4
Fiona HayesUL Bohemian4
Fiona TuiteOld Belvedere4
Meadbh ScallyBlackrock4
Megan WilliamsOld Belvedere4
Roise NewtonUL Bohemian4
Roisin CroweBlackrock4
Stephanie NunanUL Bohemian4
Elizabeth McKeeverGalwegians3
Emma DoyleGalwegians3
Fiona ScallyGalwegians3
Hannah KilgoreCooke3
Ina ButlerGalwegians3
Juliet ShortRailway Union3
Katelyn FaustRailway Union3
Kelly McCormillCooke3
Larissa MuldoonRailway Union3
Orla DixonGalwegians3
Sarah QuinnUL Bohemian3
Ursula SammonGalwegians3
Ailbhe DowlingOld Belvedere2
Ailsa HughesRailway Union2
Ann-Marie RooneyBlackrock2
Aura SheehanUL Bohemian2
Beth CreganCooke2
Caoimhe MolloyBlackrock2
Ciara GriffinUL Bohemian2
Ciara ScanlanSt Marys2
Claire BennettUL Bohemian2
Claire KeohanRailway Union2
Clodagh O’HalloranUL Bohemian2
Daisy EarleRailway Union2
Edel MurphyUL Bohemian2
Ellen TaiteBlackrock2
Hannah O’ConnorBlackrock2
Lauren PedlowCooke2
Maeve Óg O’LearyBlackrock2
Meg KendellRailway Union2
Naomi McCullaghCooke2
Nicole CroninUL Bohemian2
Nora StapletonOld Belvedere2
Rachael Allen-ConnellyUL Bohemian2
Stephanie CarrollRailway Union2
Vanessa HullonOld Belvedere2
Victoria Dabanovich O’MahoneyOld Belvedere2
Aimee ClarkeRailway Union1
Alice O’DowdOld Belvedere1
Amber RedmondOld Belvedere1
Amy CottersBlackrock1
Aoife McDermottRailway Union1
Aoife O’ShaughnessyRailway Union1
Chloe BlackmoreRailway Union1
Claire BolesRailway Union1
Claire JohnstonCooke1
Claire McLaughlinOld Belvedere1
Edel McMahonGalwegians1
Edel MurrayGalwegians1
Eimear CorriBlackrock1
Emer O’MahoneyRailway Union1
Emma LackySt Marys1
Emma MurphyRailway Union1
Enya BreenUL Bohemian1
Fiona ReedyUL Bohemian1
Garazi GoikoleaRailway Union1
Grace KellyBlackrock1
Grace MillerOld Belvedere1
Hannah HeskinSt Marys1
Heather CarySt Marys1
Jackie SheildsBlackrock1
Jemma JacksonOld Belvedere1
Kate KeaneyCooke1
Katie O’DwyerRailway Union1
Laura CairnsCooke1
Laura DelaneyBlackrock1
Laura FeelyGalwegians1
Lisa AnglimGalwegians1
Lisa CallenRailway Union1
Meadhbh O’CallaghanBlackrock1
Meagan ParkinsonSt Marys1
Meaghan KennyRailway Union1
Meave ListonCooke1
Melissa SlevinRailway Union1
Molly Scuffil McCabeRailway Union1
Niamh GriffinBlackrock1
Niamh KavanaghUL Bohemian1
Niamh Ni DhromaOld Belvedere1
Nicole FowleyGalwegians1
Penalty TryBlackrock1
Peita McAlisterCooke1
Racheal O’BrienUL Bohemian1
Rachel HealyOld Belvedere1
Sene NaoupuOld Belvedere1
Shannon HeapesCooke1
Shannon TuohyGalwegians1
Sinead TaylorRailway Union1
SJ FoxGalwegians1


All the above statistics are broken down by individual club and we hope that the clubs will use the stats for their own club awards.

A big FRU thank you to all the clubs that sent in their details on a round by round basis and a huge thanks to Beth Cregan for correlating all the results throughout the season.

I’m pretty sure that everything is correct except, perhaps, some of the spellings of the players names so if there are any mistakes please let us know on here or on Facebook.

Also huge thanks to Samurai Sportswear for stepping in at the last minute to sponsor our club coverage, we literally couldn’t have done this without them. Please support those that help us support you.

Lastly, thanks to all the players for another great season, it was good to see so many new faces taking part.

Hannah O’Connor215658
Ali Coleman60030
Michelle Claffey50025
Ray Lawless50025
Meadbh Scally40020
Roisin Crowe40020
Jackie Shields17019
Ellen Taite21012
Ann-Marie Rooney20010
Caoimhe Molloy20010
Maeve Óg O’Leary20010
Penalty Try1107
Amy Cotters1005
Eimear Corri1005
Grace Kelly1005
Laura Delaney1005
Meadhbh O’Callaghan1005
Niamh Griffin1005
TOTAL4224 6 276

Player’s Player Nominations

2 Nominations – Ali Coleman, Ellen Taite, Hannah O’Connor, Niamh Griffin

1 Nomination – Grace Kelly, Maeve Óg O’Leary, Michelle Claffey, Tess Meade

Ilse Van Staden60030
Vicky Irwin010226
Eliza Downey40020
Hannah Kilgore30015
Kelly McCormill30015
Beth Cregan20010
Lauren Pedlow20010
Naomi McCullagh20010
Claire Johnston1005
Kate Keaney1005
Laura Cairns1005
Meave Liston1005
Pieta McAlister1005
Shannon Heapes1005
TOTALS2810 2 166

Player’s Player Nominations

3 Nominations – Beth Cregan

2 Nominations – Ilse Van Staden, Kelly McCormill, Maeve Liston, Vicky Irwin

1 Nomination – Hannah Kilgore

Denise Redmond815482
Points Awarded W/O00036
Ina Butler31017
Elizabeth McKeever30015
Emma Doyle30015
Fiona Scally30015
Orla Dixon30015
Ursula Sammon30015
Nicole Fowley1209
Edel McMahon1005
Edel Murray1005
Laura Feely1005
Lisa Anglim1005
Shannon Tuohy1005
SJ Fox1005
TOTAL3318 4 249

Players Player Nominations

3 Nominations – Edel McMahon

2 Nominations – Denise Redmond, Fiona Scally

1 Nomination – Amilie Roux, Lisa Anglim, Mary Healy, Ursula Sammon

Jemma Jackson114445
Elise O’Byrne White60030
Linda Djougang60030
Gemma Matthews50025
Ailbhe Dowling25020
Fiona Tuite40020
Megan Williams40020
Nora Stapleton20010
Vanessa Hullon20010
Victoria Dabanovich O’Mahoney20010
Alice O’Dowd1005
Amber Redmond1005
Claire McLaughlin1005
Grace Miller1005
Niamh Ni Dhroma1005
Rachel Healy1005
Sene Naoupu1005
TOTAL4119 4 255

Player’s Player Nominations

3 Nominations – Jemma Jackson, Nora Stapleton

2 Nominations – Linda Djougang

1 Nomination – Ali Millar, Gemma Matthews, Grace Miller, Oonagh Hayes

Emma Taylor70035
Katelyn Faust37029
Claire Keohan27127
Niamh Byrne50025
Susan Vaughan50025
Nikki Caughey07220
Juliet Short30015
Larissa Muldoon30015
Ailsa Hughes20010
Daisy Earle20010
Meg Kendell20010
Stephanie Carroll20010
Aimee Clarke1005
Aoife McDermott1005
Aoife O’Shaughnessy1005
Chloe Blackmore1005
Claire Boles1005
Emer O’Mahoney1005
Emma Murphy1005
Garazi Goikolea1005
Katie O’Dwyer1005
Lisa Callen1005
Meaghan Kenny1005
Melissa Slevin1005
Molly Scuffil McCabe1005
Sinead Taylor1005
TOTAL5021 3 301

Player’s Player Nominations

5 Nominations – Emma Taylor

2 Nominations – Claire Keohan

1 Nomination – Juliet Short, Katie O’Dwyer, Larissa Muldoon, Meg Kendal

Jet Duinmeijer04317
Ciara Scanlan20010
Emma Lacky1005
Hannah Heskin1005
Heather Cary1005
Meagan Parkinson1005
Shanye Richardson0102

Player’s Player Nominations

4 Nominations – Jet Duinmeijer

2 Nominations – Aoife Moore, Ciara Scanlan

1 Nomination – Alanagh O’Carroll, Emma Hoban, Shayne Richardson

Niamh Briggs525590
Points Awarded W/O00036
Chloe Pearse60030
Eimear Considine40020
Fiona Hayes40020
Roise Newton40020
Stephanie Nunan40020
Sarah Quinn30015
Edel Murphy20113
Aura Sheehan20010
Ciara Griffin20010
Claire Bennett20010
Clodagh O’Halloran20010
Nicole Cronin20010
Rachael Allen-Connelly20010
Enya Breen1005
Fiona Reedy1005
Niamh Kavanagh1005
Rachel O’Brien1005
Aine Staunton0204
TOTAL4827 6 348

Player’s Player Nominations

2 Nominations – Claire Bennett, Enya Breen, Fiona Hayes

1 Nomination – Clodagh O’Halloran, Naimh Briggs, Nicole Cronin, Sarah Quinn, Stephanie Nunan

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