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First Aid is not for dummies!

Little did I think five years ago when I started this site that I’d find myself on the roadside just outside Belfast Harbour Estate photographing two Irish Women’s Rugby players as they tried to resuscitate a plastic dummy using an automated external defibrillator (AED)!

The players in question were our latest bloggers, Eliza and Lauren and, the dummy and AED were supplied by their latest sponsor, Eric Wilson of Harberry Training, who has generously sponsored Eliza to help with her participation in the 2010 IRB Women’s World Cup at the end of the month.

My initial thoughts were that it’d be a few quick snaps, but all three were so enthusiastic about Sports First Aid, including the speedy treatment of sudden cardiac arrest on the playing field, that it wasn’t long before Eric and his assistant Sharon were taking the girls through the procedure for safe use of an AED.

Harberry Training are Ulster’s foremost provider of the National Sports First Aid qualification and their partnership with Heartsine Technologies, based in the Harbour Estate, enables them to offer free training for up to six persons for any club or society that purchase an AED through their website.

You can find more details about Harberry Training by clicking here to visit their website.

Pictures below.

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