Tag: Volkswagen Tag continues tonight at Belfast Harlequins.

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Action from the match between Tag Heurs and Flat Liners during Week 1 of the IRFU Volkswagon Tag competition at Belfast Harlequins RFC.

The second round of the group stages in the Belfast Harlequins stage of the IRFU Volkswagen Mixed Tag takes place tonight with the matches kicking off from 18:45.


18:45Space CadetsDerryvolgie HalssGroup 1
18:45Tag HeuresFlatlinersGroup 2
19:45Friesian TaggersTaggers BayGroup 2
19:45Tag My Pitch UpSheep TaggersGroup 3
20:45HashTagsCarlingford KnightsGroup 1
20:45GalacticosRunawaysGroup 3
All fixtures on Thursday 30th July at Belfast Harlequins RFC

It’s a bit early in our coverage to start predicting winners in the games but tonight will give us another chance to get familiar with the teams.

The first set of matches at 18:45 will feature Tag My Pitch Up v Galacticos on Pitch 1. Both teams won last week so it should be a tight encounter.

Running in tandem on Pitch 2 will be Sheep Taggers v Runaways, both of whom will be looking for their first win.

Next up at 19:45 Pitch 1 will feature Space Cadets v HashTags in an eagerly anticipated encounter and this will run alongside Carlingford Knights v Derryvolgie Halss on Pitch 2.

The final round of matches kicks off at 20:45 with the much fancied Friesian Taggers taking on our friends at Tag Heures on Pitch 1 with Taggers Bay and Flatliners battling it out on Pitch 2. 3

view round 1 coverage here

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