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Interact: What AIL Women’s Team are You

Following on from our hugely successful virtual competitions and our Dream Team Poll we’ve been having a look at other ways we can interact with our readers.

With signs on the horizon of a restart for club rugby and with thousands of young players trying to decide which club they should go to as they move up to senior ranks we got our “Professor of Women’s Rugby” Beth Cregan to compile the following quiz to guide the aspiring internationals on their club selection.

It is also recommended that senior players take the quiz to check they are at the right club using Beth’s snowflake free psychometric assessments.

This coming season will see Ballincollig and Wicklow join the Women’s All Ireland League.

Unfortunately we haven’t quite learned the ins and outs of both teams just yet so thought it best to get to know them before getting off on the wrong foot and including them in this quiz.

However, we are looking forward to catching up with both teams to find out more when the new season gets underway.

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