Pauline McFerran keeps us up to date on Carrick’s progress in the Development Cup.

Carrick Ladies travelled to Letterkenny on Sunday to play the second round of the brand new Rejenerate SM Cup,sponsored by Rejenerate Sports Massage.

The weather was cold and wet but neither side had the chance to feel it during the brutally physical match. Carrick kicked off into the wind for the first half and made a drawn-out attempt on the line, but were beaten back before they could reach the Letterkenny line.

The rest of the first half heavily involved both packs, with little ground being made by either team. Numerous penalties given away by both sides saw a stop and start beginning to the match, but nerves soon settled and play was in full flow with the threat of a Carrick try.

Letterkenny responded to the attempt and quickly shut down centre Hilary Cawood before she could get to the 5 yard line.

A Letterkenny kick took the ball back to the centre of the pitch where both sides battled for ground for the rest of the half.


The halftime whistle brought a much needed rest to the exhausted teams and the second half began with an immediate Letterkenny try attempt, which was skillfully stopped by Carrick player of the match Lyndsay Davidson.

The second half continued much the same as the first, with both teams displaying such determination it was impossible for either to gain any ground. Not long after the restart the Carrick backs broke free from a ruck and were headed for the line, however a Letterkenny infringement saw out half Arlene Devine taking to the tee to score the only points of the match.

Letterkenny displayed a threatening level of determination and put the tired Carrick side under tremendous pressure, with another well defended try attempt, but Carrick held out to the final whistle and were visibly relieved to hear Kevin Bartlett blow to end the match.

Both teams congratulated each other in what was an incredibly closely fought match, with victory won by a single penalty.

Carrick now take on Ballymoney in the next round of the Rejenerate SM cup at home on Sunday 10th February and go into this match excited and confident of victory, having suffered only one defeat this season.

Carrick coaches and players extend a massive get well soon to the Letterkenny player who suffered a fractured arm during the match.


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