Our friends at Belfast Harlequins have asked us to give a shout out for their men’s “Get Into Rugby” programme which starts on 24th July at Deramore Park. 

If you, or any of your friends, are interested in picking up the oval ball after a layoff or if you want to find out what rugby is all about then keep reading …

Ever wanted to play rugby but never had the opportunity?

  • Maybe you didn’t have rugby at school
  • Maybe you played/play other sports
  • Maybe you felt you were too late to start or too old to learn a new sport?
  • Maybe you feel your fitness isn’t where you’d like it to be?

If you ever watched the 6 Nations and thought “I’d love to give that a go”, or  if you just want to try a new challenge then this programme might just be for you. 

It is an excellent opportunity to give rugby a go and make lifelong friends with a new sport. 

Belfast Harlequins is running a 4 week introduction to rugby course tailored to brand new players, and players returning to the game after years of not playing!

You will be coached by IRFU coaches with over 15 years experience in developing new and improving players!

You will be coached from the ground up (quite literally), in all aspects of Rugby from set piece to open play with plenty of opportunities to test yourself along the way!

Best thing is …

It’s all completely FREE!

We want to welcome you to our club and see what we’re about!

Join our tribe, try Belfast Harlequins Rugby!

Event dates and details can be found here.


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