Rugby Europe: Women’s Championship News

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We had been considering, pre-pandemic, about getting more involved the the Rugby Europe Men’s and Women’s Championship and 7s Matches in the May/June/July timeline 2020.

The 2019-20 Women’s Championship was to serve as a pathway to the European Qualifier for the Rugby World Cup 2021 to be held in New Zealand in September. With the European Qualifier also including Ireland Women we though it would be useful to scope out the Spanish side.

With regards to the men’s competition, we’d always intended to catch up with Georgia Men after visiting Georgia for the 2017 U20 World Championships.

Obviously the pandemic had its say and the vast bulk of the matches were cancelled but the Women’s 2019 – 20 Championship recommenced last weekend with Spain whopping Russia 56 – 7 and later this afternoon Spain will play Netherlands where a draw or better will confirm Spain’s participation in the Rugby Europe World Cup qualifiers.

More importantly we should . . .

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