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Not another ruckin podcast.

FRU Favourites Fi Hayes and Ali Miller have kicked off the summer with “Not Another Rucking Podcast” on the Limor platform .

It’s an entertaining run through their early careers, the effect of lockdown and promises to deliver some forthright analysis of the men’s and women’s All Ireland League rugby going forward.

The pair have a huge back catalog of experiences to draw on and I’m looking forward to hearing a few of the stories behind matches we have covered as the series progresses.

I’ve had a few chats with Hayes over the years and she is a passionate advocate for the women’s game in Ireland with an in depth knowledge of rugby across the board and this has been reflected in her remarkably seamless transition to coaching in 2019 when she coached Minster U18’s to the Interprovincial championship and guided UL Bohemian through an undefeated season.

Haven’t had as many chats with Miller, apart from trying to get her to play for Ulster, but as one of the leading players of her generation her credentials are huge. This first outing from the Connacht legend bodes well for the future.

It’s a good combination of personalities and I’m particularly looking forward to hearing their opinions on both strands of the AIL when the season eventually commences.

You never know, they may share some of their opinions for our weekly previews!

You can check out their cast on Limor if you have the app or you can listen to it below.

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