FRU: O’Connor off to Jersey.

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Niall moves even further away with the announcement of his transfer to Jersey!
Niall moves even further away with the announcement of his transfer to Jersey!

I’m beginning to get worried here – I’d only just moved to Galway around this time last season and it was announced that Niall O’Connor was returning to Belfast, now I’ve only been back up North for a fortnight and Championship side Jersey Rugby have announced that Ulster’s Niall O’Connor will be on their books for next season.

O’Connor will be joining fellow Ulster wanderer Mark McCrea, who joined Jersey from Connacht a few months ago and the word on the street is that there will be one more Ulster youngster heading south to the Channel Islands before the summer is out! That should make it enough for the FRU to fly over on a visit!

We’re also hearing rumours that a mixture of Ulster veterans and bubbling under youngsters will also be heading off to sunnier climes at Aurelliac Academy under the tutelage of Jeremy Davidson, but we’ll have more on that one when it’s confirmed.



  1. Niall Annett was almost off to Aurillac before, but the coming of Mark Anscombe put that on hold. Jeremy Davidson wanted Niall and, given he has not been able to get a spot due to Rob Herring, is he to take the plunge? He was offered good terms for a relatively young lad, I’m told.

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