2021 World Cup European Qualifiers

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By Editor Sep 10, 2021

Why we're here

Given the huge advantages Ireland had over the other sides, in this tournament, prior to 2017 you have to ask why are Ireland involved in 2021 World Cup Qualifiers.  Management complacency and poor coaching led to a disastrous WRWC2017 and ended with the host nation outside the automatic qualification spots.  Have they improved enough to qualify?They start as most peoples tournament favourites but it's far from a done deal

How it Works

Four teams play each other in a round-robin format across three match days, on 13, 19 and 25 September, at the Stadio Sergio Lanfranchi in Parma. The winner will qualify as Europe 1 and join Canada and USA in Pool B at RWC 2021, playing in 2022, in New Zealand with the runner-up earning a further opportunity to qualify via the Final Qualification Tournament, with dates and location to be announced at a later stage.


competing teams

with world rankings

scotland - 11TH

spain - 9TH

Italy - 7TH


all times uk/ire

monday 13th september

14:00 17:00

scotland spain

v v

italy ireland

sunday 19th september

14:00 17:00

italy spain

v v

ireland scotland

SATURDAY 25th september

14:00 17:00

italy ireland

v v

SPAIN scotland


P13 W5 D2 PD(177) win RATIO 46.2%

As the highest ranked side, with the joint highest win ratio, and as tournament hosts, Italy go into the qualifiers as marginal favourites.  They  were showing a win ration of 62.5% pre Covid but have only won one game in the Covid era. However, they look like they have a solid game plan which the team can implement and that might be enough to see them through. 

Form Since 1st Jan 2019


P13 W6 D0 PD(46) win RATIO 46.2%

Ireland would be most peoples favourites and they have benefited the most from the Covid delays. They were showing a win ratio of 37.5% pre covid and it's bumped up to 60.0% since.  The big concerns are that they have no clear game plan and bringing in so many players with very little XV's experience. This could see them struggle against the more savvy Italian and Spanish camps. 

Form Since 1st Jan 2019


P8 W7 D0 PD248 win RATIO 87.5%

Spain have beaten everyone they have faced since 2019. It's been mostly Teir 2 opponents, except for Scotland who did win the return fixture.    They haven't played enough but the lack of action in general over the last 18 months may work in their favour. Their talisman Patricia Garcia has one of the greatest tactical brains of her generation and, if she is on form, they will cause upsets. 

Form Since 1st Jan 2019


P15 W3 D1 PD(220) win RATIO 23.3%

The self destruct process at Scotland has been overshadowed by the complete implosion at Wales but Scotland are a seriously underperforming team.     They have the players and they looked to be going somewhere under Philip Doyle but since his departure they have mixed more bad with the good. They have the talent to win it but could just as easily end last. 

Form Since 1st Jan 2019

Where to watch

All matches in the upcoming Rugby World Cup 2021 Europe Qualifier will be live streamed on rugbyworldcup.com/2021, Rugby World Cup Facebook and Twitter channels and on World Rugby’s YouTube channel. The live stream will be available to watch in all global markets, and in addition broadcasters BBC Alba, RTE Sport, RAI and RTVE will also take the live feed where appropiate.