If you have made it to this page you could be taking the first step towards a long and fulfilling association with rugby in Ulster. 

We are actively looking for like minded companies to Partner with us so we can grow our leading coverage of rugby in Ulster and Ireland. We have led the way with our Women’s coverage, our Schools coverage and our Under 20’s coverage and we’re ready to take it to the next step.  

Join us as we journey to the 2017 World Rugby U20 Championship in Tbilisi and get on board for our indepth coverage of the 2017 World Rugby Women’s World Cup in Dublin and Belfast. 

Help us as we work to promote more Ulster based players into the Ireland Women’s team. 

What can we offer?

We are an active, well read, site. Your involvement with us will be seen. 

We can offer exposure of your product or service to our loyal hard core of 50,000 unique visitors to our website each month. Those readers click on upwards of 200,000 pages per month. 

Our active and highly engaged Facebook page will put you in front of another 100,000 people per month with approximately 20% being fully engaged in our posts. Pretty good compared to a sector standard of 8%. 

Our twitter engagement of our 50,000 tweet impressions is also high at 8% compared to sector standard of 2.6%. 

How will we promote your product or service? 

There is not much we can’t do to get your message across. 

As we do everything in house we offer you complete control as to how your message gets across. 

  • We can include ads in articles, or on the sidebars and control what audience or category they are presented to. 
  • We can add your logo or artwork to our photos which are actively shared on Facebook.
  • We can do feature articles on your company, product or service.
  • We can offer sponsorship of competitions and run and promote those competitions for you on our site, Facebook or Twitter. 
  • We can organise events or promotions with Ulster and Ireland capped women’s players. 

Why are we looking for partners?

We aim to grow the game and our women’s sections offer an almost greenfield audience. We seek to offer sponsorships and development opportunities to support talented and elite athletes, building Women’s Rugby in Ulster into the mainstream sport it deserves to be. 

The Front Row Union has been on the go for eleven years now and during that time we have been awarded full accreditation by World Rugby, IRFU, RFU, SRU, FFR and FIR. We’ve been pitchside at Women’s World Cups, U20’s World Championships and countless other women’s and schools matches and we’d like to do more and expand our range. This costs money for travel and equipment. 

We’ve been a major sponsor of Women’s Rugby in Ulster since 2010 and we’ve recently started The Front Row Union Academy for Elite Ulster Women’s players. This costs money for travel, equipment, coaching and training facilities. We are currently offering this to four elite players and we’d like to bring more onboard. 

We’d like to take up more of the requests we get for covering competitions but it costs to send reporters and photographers to matches throughout Ireland and Europe. 

We’ve been self funding this for 11 years on a part time basis, imagine what we could do if you partnered with us. 

What’s the next step?

Go to the front page, click through our categories, look at our galleries and imagine your logo or artwork embedded  in our coverage. 

If you like what you see ring John on 07789347916 or email to discuss how we can work together.