Ulster Women: 2011-12 Interprovincials.

Ulster women played three interprovincial matches in this season. They recorded a win against Connacht and lost against Leinster and Munster.


Sat 03 Sep 2011Ulster326Leinster
Sat 10 Sep 2011Munster1812Ulster
Sat 17 Sep 2011Ulster1512Connacht


Forwards: Lizzie Ballentine (c) (Cooke), Stacey-lea Kennedy (City of Derry), Lauren Day (Cooke), Glenda Mellon (City of Derry), Brigid Reynolds (Cavan), Poppy Cleall (Exile), Gemma McCutcheon (Enniskillen), Nikita Armstrong (Cooke), Sorcha Chipperfield (Belfast Harlequins), Emma Lowe (Cooke), Claire Knipe (Belfast Harlequins), Hilary Quinn (Cavan), Caroline Kelly (Cooke)

Backs: Imogen Porter (Cooke), Grace Davitt (Cooke), Eliza Downey (Cooke), Claire McLaughlin (Cooke), Laura Nicholl (Cooke), Nikki Caughey (Belfast Harlequins), Zoe Templeton (Belfast Harlequins), Ashleigh Baxter (Belfast Harlequins), Rachael Fleming (City of Derry), Teah Maguire (Cooke), Laura Feeley (Exile), Larissa Muldoon (Exile)


Grace Davitt 11 5
Laura Nicholl1   5
Nikki Caughey1   5
Poppy Cleall1   5
Sorcha Chipperfield1   5
Stacey Lea Kennedy1   5

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