Advertiser Ad and Location Options

The Leaderboard ad can appear at the start of the content, as shown above, and it will also show at the end of the content as you’ll see if your scroll down. It is also available to be placed inline as you can see mid content or it can be placed directly at the start of one of our popular match galleries. Your ad can be rotated on all of these locations or in only one if required.

The sizes shown are recommendations only. The site is fully responsive and will show any design up to the maximum widths shown.

You will see these ads as a Leaderboard ad on widescreen or as a Medium Rectangle on Mobile. These are recommended designs for the various platforms that the ads are shown on and these variations are included in our prices. However, if your artwork is suitable, we can serve the same ad design across both platforms, i.e. widescreen and mobile.  Also of note, the Medium Rectangle ad shows well on both platforms though there is, of course, white space either side of the ad on widescreen.

The Half Page Sidebar ad will show to the right of the content on widescreen and after the content on mobile as will the Medium Rectangle ad we’ve placed at the bottom of the sidebar.

We recommend you view this page on widescreen and mobile to view the variations.

As well as controlling where on the page and on which operating system your ad is displayed we can also control the following.

  • Type of reader the ad is served to – we can serve it across the whole site or only to specific category readers. For example your ad could be served only to readers of our women’s content or only our schools content or both.
  • How frequently it is served – we have five different frequency options so you can control how often we serve your ad. For example if you have a big event or promotion coming up you may want saturated coverage for a short period or if you want you ad to be on the site for a longer period you can reduce the frequency it is served at.
  • Date and time the ad is served – we can control which day’s of the week and/or the times during the day your ad is served. For example you may only want to show your ad on Friday and Saturday evenings each week.
  • Geo targeting – we can serve the ad to specific geographical locations if required. This is an optional extra.

We only sell our ads by impressions and reach but with the options we have above we can give you great value advertising campaign. As an active vibrant site with no click bait you can be assured that your ads will only be served to real, fully engaged, readers.