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Who are The Front Row Union?

The Front Row Union are the number one website for coverage of all levels of rugby across Ireland. We have built a reputation for capturing the spirit of rugby through our high quality images, independent reporting and unique statistics across schools rugby, club rugby, Ulster Rugby and Irish Rugby. Through this we have developed and expanding fan base of loyal readers.

What can The Front Row Union offer your business? 

We already boast impressive visitor numbers and we are growing year on year. Our deep roots in all levels of rugby give us a massive demographic which in turn enables us to target your key customer profile. No matter what market you are in we can put you in front of a relevant and expanding readership.

Our readers want up to date coverage and we supply it on a weekly basis. Our profession images of the latest action is a key foundation of our success to date. Our content has impact and we want your business to be in on the action.

Our standard advertiser package lets you control the frequency at which your ads are served, the audience they are served to and even the exact days and hours they are served for. We even have the option to specifically target geographical locations as well.

Our coverage and statistics speak for themselves, we really are to of the league. We are offering serious value for money as an introduction to what we have to offer and with our custom packages and partnership opportunities we have ensured that every business can benefit, no matter what size your company. Whether you want to build a long term relationship with our readers or just jump in and try a short sharp advertising campaign we can tailor everything to suit you.

32% of marketeers say visual images are the most important form of content for their business. (Hubspot 2018)
Content marketing gets three times more lead details than paid search advertising. (Content Marketing Institute 2018)

Why you should partner with The Front Row Union

Our partnership option is a league above, giving you the strongest association with the game at it’s grass roots. Partner association gives you all the advertising benefits of our standard advertising package PLUS uncapped advertising levels and image branding on our widely shared match photos and all associated content.

The Front Row Union are a growing success and play a crucial role in the promotion of rugby across all levels, our coverage has been recognised by World Rugby and we are recognised world wide for our women’s coverage.  A partnership with The Front Row Union is a partnership with a winning team.


The Front Row Union are widely recognised across social media. Facebook is our main platform but our content and images are widely shared across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by our readers.

On Facebook we have a following of 6K+ with a huge 250K 28 day reach with a 15% engagement. A Partnership will put your branding in front of our social media followers and all their followers and we will repost, retweet, like and share your social content through our channels.

The Front Row Union Advertising Options

Our advertising options are below.

Advertising Options Quick View
OptionsStandard AdvertiserPartner
Frequency controlYesYes
Audience controlYesYes
Date and time controlYesYes
Geo Targeting control*YesYes
Featured articleYesYes
Member loginsYesYes
Social media coverageYes
Content brandingYes
Image brandingYes

*Optional extra

You can have a more detailed look through our advertising options by clicking the appropriate tab below.


We offer ad placement in all or any of our content categories.

View our AD LOCATION OPTIONS HERE and decide where you want your ads to appear then check out the prices below.


It’s as simple as that. If you know what type of advert type you want and how much you want to spend then complete the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll be in touch.

However, we want to make sure you get the best possible value for money from your advertising budget so we recommend you have a look through the options below to ensure you are appealing to the customers you want, when you want to.

Frequency Control

We have five options for how frequently your ad is served.

If you want to keep a low key presence on the site for a longer period of time we can set your impressions to “few” or “less than average” or, alternatively, we can ramp up your presence using “more than average” or “many” ahead of a key event or promotion. 

Audience Control

We have five main content categories, each of which has it’s own dominant reader type. We can run your ads in one, all, or a mixture of these categories depending on the audience you want.

The categories are as follows.

CategoryCoveragePrevalent reader
IrelandIreland Men, Ireland Women, Ireland U20, Ireland SevensMale and female in 30 – 55 age bracket.
UlsterUlster Men, Ulster Women, Ulster A, All Ulster Age Grades (male and female)Male and female in 18 – 40 age bracket.
Club MenAll Ireland League and Cups, Ulster Provincial Leagues and  CupsMale 18 – 40.
Club WomenAll Ireland League and Cups,  Ulster Provincial Leagues and CupsFemale 18 – 40.
SchoolsUlster Schools Friendlies and Cup matches. Schools cross provincial and tour gamesMale 15 – 20.

Note that the categories can be subdivided further.

For example, if you wanted to target a predominantly female readership we could add our Ireland Women’s, Ulster Women’s and Ulster Female Age Grade coverage to our Club Women coverage to give you a predominantly female audience.

Alternatively if you wanted a younger audience we could tag our Ulster Age Grade, Ireland U20 and Ireland Sevens together with our Schools coverage to show your ads.

Date and Time Control

You know your customer’s habits better than we do so if you want to run your ad on particular days and at particular times we can set that up on your schedule.

For example, if you know your key audience is online between 6 pm and 10 pm Friday and Saturday evenings we can run your as only during those periods.

Featured Article

All new advertisers will get a featured article on our site to recognise your support and to introduce our readers to your products or service. The content of the featured article is at your discretion.

Further Featured Articles will be added after every £120 spend on advertising.

Member Logins

Some of our content is behind a members only paywall.

Every advertiser will receive a member login, for the duration of your advertising run, so you can view your ads in all areas of the site.

Our partner option offers the strongest possible association for your company with any, or all, of the five main categories of rugby that we cover.

For £400 per category per month we offer unlimited ad impressions per month spread over our 6 advertising locations plus the following.

Social Media Coverage

Because we provide genuine content on a regular basis, our reach and engagement regularly outperforms social pages with hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers.

We will tag advertisers in any posting we make in any of the categories you advertise in plus we will like, share and engage with your social media accounts.

Content Branding

All content produced in your chosen category or categories will, for the duration of your partnership, be branded with your chosen artwork, logo or slogan. This will  include, where appropriate:

  • Articles, previews and reports
  • Original statistics
  • Upcoming matches
  • Match results
  • Match updates
  • Player of the match
Image Branding

All photographs produced in your chosen content will, for the duration of your partnership, be branded with your chosen artwork, logo or slogan. This branding will stay with the images no matter where they are shared.

This branding will replace The Front Row Union logo on the images. With our images shared an estimated 17 million times last season, across Social Media, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and email, by teams, players, family and friends this option makes your name  synonymous with the local game.

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