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Friesian Taggers look like favourites to win the Premiership

It’s the final round of the IRFU Volkswagen Mixed Tag at Belfast Harlequins and the winners of the three competitions will be decided tonight.


Pitch 1HashTags19:25Friesian Taggers
Pitch 2Sheep Taggers19.25Tag My Pitch Up

Hash Tags v Friesian Taggers

The Friesians go into the final game as Premiership Champions elect. They are the only undefeated side in the competition, have scored the most tries (67) and they have the best try conversion rate with 64% of their scores coming from their women players. Zarah Bonnar leads the try scoring table with 14 tries and Joanne Orr is not far behind on 12.

However, despite their loss to Sheep Taggers, the Hash Tags are not that far behind. The challengers have scored the second highest amount of tries (64) with 58% coming from their women players, Suzie Rodgers chipping in with 12 and Hannah Lewis with 9.

The silky smooth Friesians still go into this game as favourites and if the Hash Tags are going to upset the odds they will need to find a way to get under their skin.

Sheep Taggers v Tag My Pitch Up

The Sheep Taggers will be disappointed that they didn’t follow up their win against Has Tags with a closer result against the Friesians. Missing out on a losing bonus in that match has effectively put the Sheep Taggers out of the reckoning, for the Premiership, in the final week.

Tag My Pitch Up will be disappointed that they haven’t picked up any match points in the league stage and their performances have warranted a better return.

The stats don’t put these two sides that far apart. Sheep Taggers have scored more tries (58 v 47) but TMPU have a better conversion rate (53% v 43%) with Hazel Jordan their star performer. This one will go to whichever team wants it the most and it might just be TMPU that have most to play for.


Pitch 1Taggers Bay20:20Galacticos
Pitch 1Carlingford Knights20:20Space Cadets

Taggers Bay v Galacticos

Taggers Bay made a big move in the Championship with a convincing win against Space Cadets leaving them top of the table on points difference. They have scored 50% more tries than Galacticos and they have a pretty good try conversion rate a 49% compared to 32% for their opponents.

The Galacticos leading scorer is Stephen Beasant who has crossed 12 times but they need to work their women across the line more often if the are to cause an upset in this match.

Carlingford Knights v Space Cadets

Carlingford are still in the hunt for the Championship but they will either need to score 30 more points than Taggers Bay do in their match or hope for a Galacticos win. Either way, they will know exactly what they need to do when this match starts.

However, knowing and doing are two different things and it’s unlikely that Space Cadets will capitulate as easily as they did against Taggers Bay in the wind and rain last week. Stats wise Carlingford Knights are clear favourites for this one but they may find it a difficult game against a Space Cadets side with something to prove.


Pitch 2Flatliners18:30Runaways
Pitch 2Tag Heuers18:30Derryvolgie Halss

Flatliners v Runaways

This is the one we have been waiting for since the challenge was thrown down by the Flatliners in our Week 4 preview. The Runaways accepted the challenge and since then they have been diligently improving their stats despite two close defeats.

Flatliners, with an win and a draw in the bag, go into this game as favourites, Connor Gilloway leading the way with 11 tries. A big win here and they have a good chance of lifting the Conference title.

However, Runaways have deserved more from their recent performances and this “grudge” match might just be where they get their first win!

Tag Heures v Derryvolgie Halss

This should be another close one with both sides vying for the Conference title. Derryvolgie will certainly be up for this one following their dramatic late wan against the Runaways last week but they still need to get their women players over the line more frequently. Mark Coughlin has been leading the try scoring charge with 13 to date but the team has the lowest try conversion rate at 15% which has been their main problem throughout the tournament.

Benny Glendinning leads the try scorers for the Heures with 11 to date but it’s the 9 tries and 27 points contributed by Sinead Redmond that has kept their noses in front in this league. I’m sure both teams will be wanting to finish off the competition in style and it should be a close contest but I think that Tag Heures superior try conversion rate of 38% might be enough to see them home.

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