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Will we get a win in the Championship this week and will we know?

There were plenty of comments at last weeks tag about out predictions so we’ll have another look at what the stats are telling us about this week’s fixtures. We’ve put down KO times down, but keep an eye on your phone for any changes.


Pitch 1Sheep Taggers18:30Friesian Taggers
Pitch 1HashTags19:30Tag My Pitch Up

Sheep Taggers v Friesian Taggers

Having disposed of the top seeds last week the Sheep Taggers now face the tournament favourites in Friesian Taggers in the first match on Pitch 1. Will they be able to pull out another surprise result?

It was a bit of a battle last week with the Sheep Taggers getting under the skin of the HashTags and in a battle royal it was just abut getting over the line when the opportunity arose. As a result their 3 point conversion rate went down to 25% last week.

The Friesians were also under pressure for a fair proportion of their game but they were more clinical when it came to finishing off their chances, with a 55% 3 point conversion rate for the week and they still lead the way with an overall conversion rate of 69% for the four weeks.

The Sheep Taggers will, once again, have to find a bit more this week and work to get their women players over the line if they are going to derail the Friesians charge for another trophy.

HashTags v Tag My Pitch Up

By picking up a losing bonus last week the HashTags will still regard themselves as in with a chance of winning the Premiership. If they, and the Friesians, win big tonight it goes down to a winner takes all next week.

Both teams struggled to get their women players over the line last week with their conversion rates dropping to 29% for the HashTags, and 25% for TMPU and from what I saw of the games both teams lost concentration at crucial times.

TMPU may find it harder to lift themselves for this one, as winning the Premiership is out of their own hands, but they still have a chance. Whichever side improves their concentration and gets their women players over the line more often will take this one.


Pitch 2Carlingford Knights19:30Galacticos
Pitch 1Taggers Bay20:30Space Cadets

Carlingford Knights v Galacticos

There was nothing in the Championship games last week with both matches drawn, so who is going to make a move this week?

In terms of stats it looks like Carlingford Knights are the favourites to get the first W on the board in this league. They have scored more tries (40) and have a higher conversion rate (49%) than the Galacticos who have posted 30 tries with a conversion rate of 35%.

The Galacticos will have to pull something extra out of the bag, and while they are more than capable of doing just that I think this one will go the way of the well organised Knights.

Taggers Bay v Space Cadets

I really don’t know which way this one will go and there is a fair chance that neither side will know who won even after the final whistle with the Space Cadets claiming 41% more tries than they have scored and Taggers Bay claiming 7% less!

The Space Cadet’s over exuberance has them slightly ahead of Taggers Bay in the stats but after we make the necessary adjustments it’s Taggers Bay that look to be clear favourites in this one.

So, it would be fair to say that the stats are a bit cloudy in this one. However, looking at last week’s games, Taggers Bay are going to need to improve on their 18% 3 point conversion rate last week if they are going to get the result.


Pitch 2Tag Heuers18:30Flatliners
Pitch 2Derryvolgie Halss20:30Runaways

Tag Heures v Flatliners

We said last week that according to the stats this competition should be something of a procession for Tag Heures. However, my new favourite side, Runaways, gave them a big scare and I can see plenty of ways that Flatliners are going to cause them problems.

The teams met before, in the opening round of the ranking games, which ended with a 17 – 11 win for the Heures but the Flatliners have improved.

It’ll be another close one but I think that the Heures still have enough in the tank to take this one.

Derryvolgie Halss v Runaways

I’m really looking forward to this one, which could be the game of the round, as two improving teams go head to head; both looking for their first win.

The Runaways made a big statement last week, doubling their overall points total in a single game and improving their conversion rate by a factor of three. However they still trail Derryvolgie in tries and points.

Derryvolgie like to run them in from some distance but they are still struggling to get their women players involved and they are now the team with the lowest conversion rate.

If the Runaways can build on their upward trajectory of last week they should win but if Derryvolgie can get a few more of their women over the line then they have every chance.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this one works out.

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