Ulster Women: Time to Stand Up?

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The advances in the women’s game across the world appear to be passing by Irish Women’s Rugby over the last few years. The IRFU and the general public on this island have had little appetite to really advance the game.

There are plenty of headline grabbing initiatives but, very few actual changes as Ireland Women’s Rugby starts to come up short on the performance and growth targets set last year in the WOMEN IN RUGBY ACTION PLAN 2018 – 2023.

The first two headline targets for the Women’s game have already been missed with Ireland Women XVs fifth place finish in the Six Nations this year and Ireland Women 7s failure to qualify for the 2020 Olympics this month. I’d guess that the bulk of the growth targets are well behind where they need to be as well, but there are no figures to back that up so it’s pure speculation on my part . . .

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