The Front Row Union Academy visit City of Derry Ladies

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The Front Row Union Academy, featuring The Scrum Doctor, visited City of Derry Ladies on Thursday evening for our tenth intensive women’s rugby scrum session.

Former Ireland Women’s Forwards Coach, Peter Bracken, led The Scrum Doctor session which utilised the fully responsive Live Scrum Machine by Silver Fern. Peter was assisted by The Front Row Union Academy members. Aishling O’Connell, Neve Jones and Storm Cobain.

City of Derry Players practise their body poison and binding at the start of The Scrum Doctor’s session.

The ninety minute sessions are designed to take novice and experienced club players through all aspects of scrumming from the basic power position and binding and finish with a full powered hit out on the Live Scrum Machine.


It was a  brilliant session, great effort and concentration from The City of Derry players last night. I look forward to following their progress in the coming season.

Peter Bracken
The Scrum Doctor.


Last night’s session featured a range of players from the highly experienced Irish Women’s International Stacey-Lea Kennedy, Ulster Women’s players Jamie Love and Kelly Gormley through to complete novices and even the occasional back who wanted to try it out.

The session ended with an intensive one on one scrum session with The Front Row Union Academy members Neve Jones and Aishling O’Connell with Storm Cobain assisting. The Scrum Doctor diagnosed minor changes to foot positions and the bind  which the Academy members will  work on with prior to the next Academy session.

This is the tenth Scrum Doctor session that the Front Row Union have organised for Women’s rugby in Ulster with teams ranging from U18 club sides to three specialist session with the Ulster Women’s senior side. If you would like your team to avail of a Front Row Union Academy sponsored session please contact

The Front Row Union Academy is an initiative run solely by the Front Row Union to provide elite women’s players in Ulster with specialist coaching and fitness resources. Further details on Academy membership can also be obtained from

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