With the weather being so poor this Saturday perhaps the biggest result of the weekend is that all matches were completed, especially as Cambridge and Limavady had the foresight to move their fixture to Friday night. Now, with all the results in, we can look at how the first round panned out as well as the draw for round 2 and the Trophy competition (the report from Ulster Rugby is here):

1stXV Cup, Round 1
Banbridge Academy icon Banbridge Academy 15-16 Antrim GS Antrim GS icon
Belfast HS icon Belfast HS 7-21 Foyle College Foyle College icon (Match Report & Photos)

Cambridge House icon Cambridge House 13-27 Limavady GS Limavady GS icon
Larne GS icon Larne GS 3-10 RS Armagh RS Armagh icon (Match Report & Photos)
Lurgan College icon Lurgan College 3-7 Portadown College Portadown College icon
RS Dungannon icon RS Dungannon 10-45 Carrickfergus GS Carrickfergus GS icon
Wellington College icon Wellington College 3-22 Friends’ SL Friends' SL icon

A couple of little upsets in there to keep it interesting: most of the local and online media had plumped for a Cambridge win in their fixture at home to Limavady GS, but it was the away side who thrived under the Friday-night lights to book a place in Round 2; Antrim GS also pulled off something of a surprise as they scored a last-minute penalty to consign Banbridge Academy to a place in the Trophy competition. The complete draw for Round 2  and the Trophy competition is as follows:

1stXV Cup, Round 2
Ballyclare HS icon Ballyclare HS v RS Dungannon RS Dungannon icon

Bangor GS icon Bangor GS v Limavady GS Limavady GS icon
BRA icon BRA v Grosvenor GS Grosvenor GS icon
Dalriada icon Dalriada v Omagh Academy Omagh Academy icon
Foyle College icon Foyle College v Antrim GS Antrim GS icon
Portadown College icon Portadown College v Friends’ SL Friends' SL icon

Regent House icon Regent House v Portora RS Portora RS icon
RS Armagh icon RS Armagh v Rainey ES Rainey ES icon

1stXV Trophy, Quarterfinals
Belfast HS icon Belfast HS v Lurgan College Lurgan College icon
Cambridge House icon Cambridge House v Strabane Academy Strabane Academy icon
Carrickfergus GS icon Carrickfergus GS v Larne GS Larne GS icon
Wellington College icon Wellington College v Banbridge Academy Banbridge Academy icon

These matches are due to be played on Saturday 23rd January with BRA v Grosvenor GS and Dalriada v Omagh Academy looking to be the Cup ties of the round. Foyle College v Antrim GS and Portadown College v Friends’ SL also look to be intriguing as they guarantee at least two teams from Round 1 a chance against one of the top-seeds in Round 3.

There has also been recent development in the Medallion competition. Round 3 of the Shield has been drawn with the following outcome:

Ballymena Academy v Cambridge House OR Friends’ SL
Bangor GS v RS Dungannon
Larne GS v Limavady GS
Omagh Academy v Dromore HS
Portadown College v Dalriada School
Portora RS v Banbridge Academy
Rainey ES v Regent House
RS Armagh v Down HS

This matches are due to be played on Saturday 16th January

What do you think about this morning’s results and draws? Any major surprises? Let us know in the comments below.


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