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Senior Competitions 2015: Medallion Finals & 2ndXV Semis

Most of our energies are focused on 1stXV rugby here at the FRU, but before the Cup and Plate finals KO next week, let’s take some time to look at the current state of the Medallion & 2ndXV competitions.

The finals of Medallion Shield and Plate competitions took place within the last number of games, both games being copies of their respective fixtures in this season’s 1stXV Cup and Plate finals. The results of these are shown below along with the semifinal fixtures which took place recently:

Medallion Shield Semifinals
Campbell College icon Campbell College 9-11 Wallace HS Wallace HS icon
RBAI icon RBAI 18-14 Sullivan Upper Sullivan Upper icon

Medallion Shield – Final
RBAI icon RBAI 13-5 Wallace HS Wallace HS icon
[at Kingspan Stadium]

Medallion Shield Semifinals
Down HS icon Down HS 12-0 Friends’ SL Friends' SL icon
RS Armagh icon RS Armagh 14-31 Ballymena Academy Ballymena Academy icon

Medallion Shield – Final
Ballymena Academy icon Ballymena Academy 13-5 Down HS Down HS icon
 [at Roughfort BRA]

So, it’s RBAI and Ballymena Academy who walk away with silverware from the Medallion competitions; we will have to see if one or both can manage the double come the 17th & 19th March in the 1stXV Cup and Plate competitions respectively.

In the 2ndXV Cup and Plate the respective draws for the semifinals have been made. In the latter competition all four results have been completed, but two quarterfinals are still to be played in the Cup QF and strangely it’s the two sets of teams who can’t keep away from each other this season – Down HS v Ballymena Academy and Wallace HS v RBAI:

2nd XV Cup – Quarterfinals
Down HS icon Down HS v Ballymena Academy Ballymena Academy icon
Methodist College icon Methodist College 46-3 Sullivan Upper Sullivan Upper icon
Lurgan College icon Lurgan College 6-10 BRA BRA icon
Wallace HS icon Wallace HS v RBAI RBAI icon


2nd XV Cup – Semifinals

BRA icon BRA v Down HS icon Down HS/Ballymena Academy icon Ballymena Academy
Methodist College icon Methodist College v Wallace HS icon Wallace HS/RBAI icon RBAI

2ndXV Plate – Quarterfinals
Belfast HS icon Belfast HS 20-23 Friends' SL icon Friends’ School
Carrickfergus GS icon Carrickfergus GS 8-25 Grosvenor GS icon Grosvenor GS

RS Armagh icon RS Armagh 25-19 

RS Dungannon icon RS Dungannon
Strabane Academy icon Strabane Academy 7-20 DalriadaDalriada icon

2ndXV Plate – Semifinals
Friends' SL icon Friends’ School v Dalriada icon Dalriada
RS Armagh icon RS Armagh v Grosvenor GS icon Grosvenor GS

These games will take place over the next couple few weeks at the discretion of the teams involved.

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