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Senior Competitions 2015: Medallion R3

Most of our energies are focused on 1stXV rugby here at the FRU, but, before the big-hitters enter at round 3 of the Cup, we thought we would stop to take a look at the current state of the Medallion competitions.

The 3rd round of the Medallion Shield was due to take place on Saturday 17th January; while a few matches did take place, many were postponed until during the week and even next Saturday morning. Eventually, the results were as follows:

Belfast HS icon Belfast HS 0-43 Friends’ SL Friends' SL icon
Limavady GS icon Limavady GS 12-7 Portadown College Portadown College icon
Rainey ES icon Rainey ES 17-3 Banbridge Academy Banbridge Academy icon
Down HS icon Down HS 29-0 Coleraine AI Coleraine AI icon
Grosvenor GS icon Grosvenor GS 3-3 Portora RS Portora RS icon
RS Armagh icon RS Armagh 13-7 RS Dungannon RS Dungannon icon
drm Dromore HS 17-38 Bangor GS Bangor GS icon
BRA icon BRA 22-0 Regent House Regent House icon

The 4th round draw did go ahead as planned last Saturday, although, because of the delays, it’s only recently that we’ve had confirmation of all games. The draw is as follows, with matches to be played on or before Saturday 31st January:

Medallion Shield – Round 4
Ballyclare HS icon Ballyclare HS v Dalriada icon Dalriada
Ballymena Academy icon Ballymena Academy v RBAI icon RBAI

Campbell College icon Campbell College v Bangor GS icon Bangor GS 
Down HS icon Down HS v Wallace HS icon Wallace HS
Friends' SL icon Friends’ SL v Methodist College icon Methodist College
Grosvenor GS icon Grosvenor GS/Portora RS icon Portora RS v BRA icon BRA
Limavady GS icon Limavady GS v Rainey ES icon Rainey ES
Sullivan Upper icon Sullivan Upper v RS Armagh icon RS Armagh

Round 4 throws a number of entertaining looking games, the stand-outs being the top-seed pairings of Ballyclare HS v Dalriada and Ballymena Academy v RBAI. Given the results of the previous round, Methodist College and Wallace HS will do well to show respect to Friends’ SL and Down HS respectively to as to avoid a shock away defeat.

The draws for the Medallion Bowl and Trophy quarterfinals also took place at the same time and are likewise due to be completed on the same Saturday:

Medallion Bowl – Quarterfinals
Coleraine AI icon Coleraine AI v Banbridge Academy icon Banbridge Academy
drm Dromore HS v Portadown College icon Portadown College
Grosvenor GS icon Grosvenor GS/Portora RS icon Portora RS v RS Dungannon icon RS Dungannon
Regent House icon Regent House v Belfast HS icon Belfast HS

Medallion Trophy – Quarterfinals
Cambridge House icon Cambridge House/Wellington College icon Wellington College v Omagh Academy icon Omagh Academy

Downshire School icon Downshire School/Strabane Academy icon Strabane Academy v Carrickfergus GS icon Carrickfergus GS
Lurgan College icon Lurgan College v Foyle College icon Foyle College
Antrim GS icon Antrim GS v Larne GS icon Larne GS

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