Most of our energies are focused on 1stXV rugby here at the FRU, but, before the Cup & plate semifinals take place this week, we thought we should mention what the 2ndXV & Medallion squads were up to at the weekend, as the next generation of Cup contestants come through the ranks.

It was the semifinals of the Medallion Shield on Saturday 1st March with results panning out as follows:

Ballymena Academy icon Ballymena Academy 26-9 Down HS icon Down HS [at Osborne Park]
RBAI icon RBAI 29-5 Sullivan Upper icon Sullivan Upper [at Pirrie Park]

So, the final will be between Ballymena Academy and RBAI, scheduled for KO at 2.30pm on Tuesday 11th March at Queens’ University arena.

In the Medallion Plate competition two identical results transpired in the semifinals:

Banbridge Academy icon Banbridge Academy 17-7 Omagh Academy icon Omagh Academy
BRA icon BRA 7-17 Coleraine AI icon Coleraine AI

The final between Banbridge Academy and Coleraine AI is still looking for a suitable date and venue before it is arranged.

The Medallion Bowl is also still looking to arrange its final as the Lurgan v Belfast HS goes to another replay:

Lurgan College icon Lurgan College v Belfast HS icon Belfast HS (replay after 12-12 & 8-8)
RS Armagh icon RS Armagh 8-20 Bangor GS icon Bangor GS

In a correction from out previous post, the Medallion Trophy final is still to be played (sorry about passing on misinformation) and will take place between Rainey ES and Larne GS at the Antrim GS pitches on Friday 14th March at 2.30pm.

The 2ndXV competitions are progressing nicely with the quarterfinals of the 2ndXV Cup being drawn as follows:

Ballymena Academy icon Ballymena Academy v Banbridge Academy icon Banbridge Academy
Belfast HS icon Belfast HS/drm Dromore HS v RBAI icon RBAI
Campbell College icon Campbell College/Wellington College icon Wellington College v Sullivan Upper icon Sullivan Upper
Wallace HS icon Wallace HS v Methodist College icon Methodist College

Along with round 2 of the 2ndXV Plate competition:

Down HS icon Down HS v Dalriada icon Dalriada/Grosvenor GS icon Grosvenor GS
Foyle College icon Foyle College v Carrickfergus GS icon Carrickfergus GS/Cambridge House icon Cambridge House
Friends' SL icon Friends’ SL/Omagh Academy icon Omagh Academy v Strabane Academy icon Strabane Academy/Larne GS icon Larne GS
Limavady GS icon Limavady GS v Coleraine AI icon Coleraine AI

All of these fixtures are to be played as soon as possible.



  1. James McGrath on

    I played in the 1945 Medallion final for MCB against RBAI Which we won in
    a replay.I now live in Sydney.Are any of the team still around?
    Jim McGrath

  2. Two best medallion teams in the final,should be a cracker.
    RBAI also looking strong in 2 and 3 competitions.

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