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Schools’ Medallion Competitions 2013/14: Update

Most of our energies are focused on 1stXV rugby here at the FRU, but, before the Cup quarterfinals take place this weekend, we thought we should mention what the medallion squads were up to last weekend, as the next generation of Cup contestants come through the ranks.

It was the quarterfinals of the Medallion Shield on Saturday 15th February with results panning out as follows:

 Down HS 15-12  Methodist College (replay after 5-5)
Grosvenor GS 0-10  Ballymena Academy
RBAI 37-0  Campbell College
Sullivan Upper 21-14  Wallace HS

Three very close games, Down HS forcing the replay at Pirrie Park, and one with convincing domination means that the semifinal draw transpired as follows:

To be played Sat 1st March
Ballymena Academy v  Down HS [at Osborne Park]
RBAI v  Sullivan Upper [at Pirrie Park]

The Medallion Plate suffered a slight hitch as two games were postponed, but the Omagh v Dalriada game has since been played:

 Banbridge Academy 15-13  Ballyclare HS
BRA 17-5  Regent House
Dromore HS P-P  Coleraine AI
Omagh Academy 25-12  Dalriada

The postponed match of Dromore v Coleraine will be played in the near future (possibly this weekend); until then the draw looks like this:

To be played Sat 1st March
Banbridge Academy v  Omagh Academy
BRA v  Coleraine AI/ Dromore HS

The Medallion Bowl didn’t progress any further as the RS Armagh v Bangor GS game was postponed and Lurgan College v Belfast HS ended in a 12-12 draw.

4 replies on “Schools’ Medallion Competitions 2013/14: Update”

IIRC, Ballymena would have started the season as favourites but they lost to RBAI at the start of the season 3-0 the Inst team have really kicked on from there whereas Ballymena have stuttered a bit. The Down result I don’t think was that surprising they have improved over the season but you would expect Ballymena to just have the edge, could be a close call.

Thanks for the venue info, Carl. RBAI certainly seem very strong from other matches they’ve played this season, but I’m unsure about Ballymena; are Down HS not dangerous considering their win over MCB or is that more to do with a weaker crop of players coming through for the Belfast side?

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