The O'Connor Twins. Reunited at long last?

Some of you that know me may be aware that, due to international tax laws, FRU headquarters are moving next week to Galway, home of Connacht Rugby.

While some may speculate that the move is part of my continued infatuation with Niall O’Connor, TJ Anderson, Mark  McCrea and, now, Willie Faloon, but Niall O’Connor in particular, I have to report that that is not in fact the case. I’m sure it will be pleasant enough sitting in Galway Bay sipping a cappuccino with some of my favourite Ulster players but, the real reason is that it’s due to a loophole in international tax laws as pointed out by our new contributor darkside lightside (dl) !

The move may lead to a little extra coverage of rugby in Connacht but our regular readers can rest assured that we will continue to focus on our extensive coverage of all levels of rugby in Ulster, the coverage that’s made us one of the most popular Fanzine’s in the PRO12. Yeehaw!

In fact the excellent tax avoidance work by dl means that we’ll be able to invest more time, money and resources in our coverage and sponsorship of the Ulster game and we’re already planning even more pitch side live coverage of schools, women’s and club rugby with enhanced match photography! Can’t wait!

[wpspoiler name=”The real reason!” ]OK the real reason is that I’m starting a new job down Galway way which is going to be flexible enough to enable me to really up our weekend coverage of rugby in Ulster.

I am looking to do live pitch side coverage of schools, club and women’s rugby next season with the scores and pictures going live on the site as it happens and we’ll be trialling this over the summer. Next season is going to be really exciting.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank  Phil, Peter I, Nathan, Peter J, Noel M, Stevie L, Jacqueline, Amanda, Andy, Justin, Nat, Eliza, Henry, Kimble, Grumpy, Tevez and dl for their support and contributions in the past, and hopefully in the future, plus of course our sponsors, Phil at the Errigle, Davy at Kilmore Jetworks and Rhonda at Norn Iron Tees. Also thanks to Lyndsey and Richard at UR.

Finally a big big thanks to the 80,000 individuals who have visited the site over the last 12 months, giving us almost 1,000,000 page views!





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    More like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, though I can’t decide which is which! 🙄