It was girls, girls, girls all the way on Friday night with the evening getting of to a fragrantly perfumed start as the Front Row Union met the leggy lovelies of the Ulster Rockettes. Well, admit it, we all knew it was going to happen sooner or later!

For whatever reason, probably something involving pre-match gossip and beers, this is the first time I’ve actually seen the girls in the flesh, so to speak, and I must admit that I was impressed with their routine and they appear to be going from strength to strength as they got the evening off to a back flipping start! I believe the team are unbeaten each time the girls appear so I guess they’ll be back next season to show their support for the team in their own gyrating fashion!

While the rocking Rockettes may be easy on the eye it is somewhat distracting to have the corralling of the terrace dwellers going on in the background as you look out across the pitch from the Prom during their performance. Just like watching an old cattle ranching western,  the great unwashed sweep down from the back of the stand fenced in by the Eventsec outriders yipping and a-hollering as they ram the latecomers into the Aquinas end! I was sort of hoping for a group to make a break just to see if they were going to be lassoed and hog tied and dragged behind the Pigeon Loft where they would be branded  as troublemakers with an Eventsec “E” on their foreheads! A strange Ravenhill tradition and hopefully one we don’t see next season!

Another match day tradition, or really match weekend tradition, is having to watch a replay of the game the next morning on iPlayer as quite frankly there are so many distractions at the game that’s it hard to keep focused on proceedings. Let’s face it, unless you’re 6’4″ or above the Prom is one of the worst places to watch the game from with the view restricted to about a third of the pitch for us normal sized mortals. As things hot up on the pitch it’s like a meerkat convention so many little heads are popping up to see what’s going on and when Ulster score at the Memorial end you’ve just got to take others word for it!

You do get a better view on the TV but that’s not what going to matches is all about. As Ulster went through the doldrums of the last few seasons the chat was all there was and over our last few wins all you needed to do was watch the last five minutes! Even now, when Ulster are regarded as successful, there’s still no reason to change. Etiquette demands that the chat is mostly rugby related and this week I was delighted to be joined by some more delectable young ladies, this time of the rugby kind, to catch up on the Women’s game. Judging by some of the lineups for the Carrick 10’s next Sunday it should be an interesting competition this year! Can’t wait!

Might have been our last game at Ravers for a while but there’s still plenty more rugby to come.



  1. Know what you mean about the Prom ed. Don’t go there at all as the meerkat convention is addendumed by the late and very tall meerkats who join the game 5 minutes in and stand directly in front of the spot you cherished about 25minutes before the start of the match!!

    • Yep those latecomers are a problem but I’ve sort of got into the habit of gently shoving them on their way now which seems to work! 😆