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The crap and hypocrisy that is being spouted over Ulster’s recent signing of New Zealand’s Auckland Blues pair John Afoa and Jared Payne seems to have reached unbelievable proportions over the last few weeks.

New Zealand have accused Ulster of wrecking the world economy and no doubt we’ll be blamed for their huge financial deficit from the World Cup along with their early departure at the semi-final stage!

The Irish Independent’s rugby hack Hugh Farrelly joins in with the Ulster baiting while also stroking his ego with a pop at New Zealand. Well even he couldn’t miss the hypocrisy of the New Zealand stance but he couldn’t resist sticking  the boot in his least favoured province by fingering Ulster for the failure of young player development in Ireland!

A fair enough argument except for the fact that the arrival of this years South Africans has seen Ulster’s youngsters involved in a relatively successful team at a reasonably high level, enhancing their chances of being involved at International level in the future, and a successful Ulster filled with confident youngsters will only add to a successful Ireland.

However the piece that made me laugh out loud was this piece on rugby blog Born To Ruck,

There is very little to excuse Ulster’s move. Especially when one casts their mind back six years and recalls the All Blacks’ visit to Donegal to promote rugby in the republican parts of Ulster. Latest reports from Letterkenny suggest rugby in the region is still basking in the afterglow of that effort, with literally hundreds of local kids turning out for the local rugby club as opposed to the more traditional sports of Gaelic footy and soccer.

Such sanctimonious twaddle makes me want to go into Father Jack mode from the Bishop Brennan Episode and ring may hands going “We’re So So Sorry!” What a shower of dirty tricksters we are – now would you like me to bend over!

I’m sure in the future a delegation from Ulster/Ireland will be only too happy to visit Auckland to rename Eden Park, Jared Payne Park in commemoration of the legendary Ulster and Ireland player! 😆

Now, how is that Filo Paulo getting on down there?


We now offer print, gift and download options for our images.

The ideal gift for all the family :)



  1. Cheers Rocky – though your agreement with me will have no bearing on who wins the tie break for the Manager of the Month for April. 😆 😆

  2. @Mote: The article is about crap and hypocrisy being spouted about Ulster picking up a couple of players – not about the New Zealand mismanagement of their own resources.

    New Zealand may well have a lot of problems to face but having cheap shots at Ulster is not the answer.

  3. Rocky the money at that time in NZ was negligible compared to the French and Welsh who put the payments down as travelling expenses the Irish were basically the last to truely forsake the the word amateur.

    John I think you miss mine the “twaddle” is par for the course for poeple who believe it but forget the twaddle the fear behind it is real and it is the reasons for that fear I am highlighting

  4. They were the ones who were paying players in the amateur days and who actively campaigned for the game to go professional. Now they don’t like it because it isn’t working to maintain there self-promoted superiority? Well, that’s too bad!! they could always bring in a few more islanders if they’re stuck. They should get a collective life and stop whinging. And, by the way, Hugh Farrelly is an ass whose drivel is not worth reading by anyone, North or South.


  5. John

    NZ is not a rich country which is one of the reasons many young New Zealands come to the UK for work The country has a national pride in its Rugby and for most of the 21st century the ABs were the team everyone wanted to beat and many couldn’t.

    They do not have the resources to match the money available in the NH and while they attack Ulster for our minor raid what they really fear is a raid by the English and French.

    I can see them wanting some sort International agreement limiting the numbers of foreign players in the NH game.

    Similiarly I can see some of the home unions agreeing to it recognising that too many imports could hinder their own International performances due a failure to develop players.

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