All together now, "As I was walking down the Rashee ..."

Don’t believe what your read in our match report. The FRU can exclusively reveal that Ulster’s continued success at the Rec is not in fact down to the Ulster players being better than their Bath counterparts but is in fact down to a bizarre pre-match ritual carried out by Bath’s favourite Ulster supporter Flat Top.

Seemingly the jolly jester has been donning his white hare ears and grasping his Ulster flag (or should I say “grasping his Government of Northern Ireland Flag 1953 – 1972”) and stands in each of the four corners of The Rec waving the flag singing,

As I was walking down the Rashee Road

I met a great white hare

Who said to me I’m off to see

Another Ulster win, ho!

Yes folks, the super soar-away FRU has the sensational photos of the ancient pagan ritual. Under the guise of “clearing snow from the pitch” our secret camera man was able to capture the “The White Hare Shuffle” on one of the few occasions it has ever been preformed outside the Rashee Road.

The slightly occult overtones of the White Hare Shuffle are believed to have originated in Ballyclare – the Salem’s Lot of Co. Antrim – in the late 1980’s when Sammy “Four Toes” McDonnell, fed up at constantly losing to Larne at all levels of rugby, summoned the spirit of the Great While Hare prior to a McCambley Cup quarter final against Larne V’s at Cloughan!
Unfortunately, for Sammy, a Raging Raven inspired Larne  recorded their 23 successive win over Ballyclare but the following week Ballyclare went on an unprecendented  4 match winning streak and thus the legend of the White Hare Shuffle was born!

Flat Top not only carried out the ritual this season but also last season prior to that Heineken Cup encounter and it is alleged that the only reason Stade Francias switched their game from Paris to Brussles and then back to Paris was to keep the floppy eared one away from their pitch (everyone knew that Brussles was going to be unplayable that weekend so there couldn’t be any other reason? ). News from Italy states that Aironi are considering switching from Parma to Viadana to Parma again to keep the hare brained fiend on the hop!

Ironically, one of the few stadiums where the White Hare Shuffle hasn’t been performed is Ravenhill, but we all know that’s going to be corrected next time he’s over! Don’t we?



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  1. Sterling effort Flat-Top…..and so was the snow-clearing exercise too. Deserves a medal…..or at least a FRU T-shirt and Overseas Supporter of the Year award?????