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WRWC 2010: Getting down to business…

Well I’ve been in camp about 3 days now and we definitely haven’t been resting on our laurels.

The last couple of days have consisted of getting up at around 7.30am to weigh in and do reset (a combination of different upper/lower body and core exercises ) quite funny I meet Amy Davis in the corridor on the way to weigh in, there is just silence we both appreciate its far too early to be making small talk!

Eliza Downey

Behind the scenes with the Ireland Women’s Camp at the 2010 Women’s Rugby World Cup.

Then breakfast at 8.30, followed by a little down time or a meeting before training at 11am which will last for approx 1 hr 30 mins then into the ice bath (which everyone knows I love, first in them every day, don’t know what the complaining is all about) 🙂

Lunch is served at 1pm then a little down time until training again at 3.30pm which is followed by recovery in the pool and my beloved ice baths, then dinner at approx 7pm. The the evening is rounded up with a team meeting.

So at the moment that’s how a day in the life of the Downey is looking…

Of course with Joy Neville about there has to be some level of messing/pranks occurring! Today I was peer pressured into filling water balloons and taking up position in the kitchen a.k.a the nest (an excellent watch tower to pick our victims from)!

Taking instruction from Commander Nev we sat patiently until it was the appropriate time to launch our attack from above, sorry to today’s victims, Psycho, Kate, Chris, Maz, and Sinead though i think they appreciate its a valid method of alleviating the stress of the tournament 🙂

A quick thanks to everyone that has left me comments, I have really appreciated all the support, advice and sometimes slagging that I see when I check up on the site… it means a lot…

6.30pm Fri 20th Aug is very fast approaching, the start of our World Cup, an upset on the cards for the World No.2, who knows, anything is possible…

Until next time…

9 replies on “WRWC 2010: Getting down to business…”

Hi Eliza, hope your having a ball! You were looking hot on the tv during the match the other night. All the best for Tuesday!!!!

very physical game,ireland looked good in defence,put seemed to lack a little self belief up front a few fumbles at vital times, however when you consider that the english team are full time, perhaps physical condition has dampened their imagination.

well eliza, nerves gone here as you take on england hope you get a run and a chance to put all your hard work to the test. Good luck to all !!

Game day has arrived! I hope you had a good nights sleep last night and are ready to take in all todays excitement. All the boys from the Scoop Bar at Ravenhill wish you good luck and are looking forward to seeing your “serious game face” tonight on TV. 🙂

I hope the presence of the FRU ace reporter at the match taking pictures doesn’t put the girls off!! 🙂

They will all be begging for ice baths if the rumours i hear are true and the next womens rwc is in FIJI !!!!

You are doing Ulster proud Eliza and we can’t wait to see you in that green uniform!!!!

delighed to read youre still getting up to pranks and not letting all the hard training dull your sense of fun. keep taking the baths an good luck. j lo.

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