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WRWC 2010: Clouds and silver lining.

Lauren’s Hospital Update continues, was at the hospital today for the third Monday in a row (becoming a pro at it now) for another x-ray.  GOOD NEWS PPLE the Doc has informed me that I’ve good bones, the break is healing perfectly and I can get the cast off a week early – every cloud has a silver lining 🙂 To say I was over the moon is an understatement!  

Lauren Day

Behind the scenes at the 2010 Women’s Rugby World Cup

From the hospital I went to the gym for a spin session then went to Cooke pre-season with the intention of watching, this of course didn’t happen… I got stuck into the fitness and even joined in with the game of touch. For anyone watching a prop dangling on the wing catching the ball with one arm attempting to score tries would have been an hilarious sight! All good banter, just felt so good to be on the rugby pitch again 🙂

This day next week the girls all head over to England and I would by lying if I didn’t say how much I wish I was going with them as a squad member.

As it gets closer to their departure my disappointment only heightens. I read an interview with Marie-Eve Brindamour-Carignan (a Canadian player who will also miss out playing in the WC due to injury) during the week, it gave me chills reading it as her answers resounded how I am feeling.

It did however make me thank my lucky stars that the WC is only a short plane ride away, sadly for her she won’t make it over. I can’t wait to get over and show my support for the girls in green – I’ll be their number one supporter and I’ve a little surprise up my sleeve for them too.  There is only 11 days until Ireland take on England, I can’t wait.

It’s a huge game for us – one that I know everyone is up for!!

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Marie-eve, lovely to hear from you!
How are things? Are you recovered from your injury?
I’m back playing again… Finally:):) working hard on getting my finess back up.. Its a long hard journey!!
Thanks for ur msg

Hi Lauren, I just stumbled upon this. I’m sorry you missed WC as well. I hope you had a great time watching. It’s nice to hear that someone understands exactly how it felt!

Thanks Kerry! I kno… Awful timing 🙁 at least I’m gettin over tho… Wuda killed me if it had of been further afield!!
Hope ur keepin well! Enjoy that holiday

Hey, great blog! Gutted to hear bout your injury tho Lauren… Crappy timing! Great to see the women’s world cup getting some coverage anyway. Unfort I’ll prob not get to see the England game as I’ll be away on hols, but will def be searching out an internet cafe to find out how we got on. All the best Eliza – fly the flag for Ulster and the asthmatics!! xx

Hi Lauren, glad to hear that your recovery is progressing ahead of schedule.Sorry I wont be able to give my team talk which was videoed at the Lensbury last game against England. With Sky TV exposure , many people will see the great strides being made in the Women’s game. Good luck to the team .

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