Ulster Rugby supporters site The Front Row Union (The FRU) has called in the Internet Police over voting irregularities on their hugely popular Ulster Player of the Year on line poll.

The poll, sponsored by Lanzarote property agents, Leaf Properties Lanzarote, is believed to have been attacked by online nerds on Thursday afternoon as the voting for the award reached it’s climax.

In a statement The FRU Editor, John McMurtry, said,

“At approximately 5:00pm on Thursday afternoon we were alerted by several of our readers to suspicious voting practices on our Player of the Year Poll.

On examining our logs of the votes we found that there between 3:08 and 3:38pm on Thursday afternoon there had been a series of identical votes from a Blackhole IP address which indicated that all the votes came from the same source.

While we at the FRU normally welcome all sorts of shenanigans, and we have every sympathy with the excitable supporter’s attempts to raise the profile of their favourite players, we feel that in fairness to the hundreds of other supporters who have contributed to this poll throughout the season that we are going to have to discount these votes.

We have removed the votes accordingly and as of Sunday morning the poll now reflects the correct score. “

In reality everything was sorted on Friday afternoon and the correct result was announced at the FRU Awards that night. We can categorically state that none of the Ulster Players in our poll were involved in any way.

Reports that Raging Raven has been assigned to haunt down the culprit and revoke their internet rights in an original way are greatly exaggerated, but FRU readers in the Ballynahinch area shouldn’t open their doors to strangers for the foreseeable future!



  1. Well done to Andrew from all in sunny Lanzaland & I’m sure he’ll be looking forward to the break after giving the SH boys a run for their money.

  2. Congratulations to Andrew Trimble, at least the FRU supporters got it right even if the media didn’t on Thursday evening. I broke the goood news to him yesterday at Newforge, unfortunately Dan ‘the man’ Touhy had got thier first! Seconds before in fact in telling andy he had at least won something despite being nominated for numerous awards.